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Total Votes: 9500 Rating: 6.87
Username: yourkleiness
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 28
Gender: Female
State/Region: NY
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Forum Posts: 8
Signup Date: Monday, February 7, 2005
Last Login: Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Enough about me.

TRUTH: its funny , when we think about it, why did we all join a picture rating website in the first place? Was it to actually meet people? I highly doubt it. Was it to validate our insecurities about our physical appearance.. Probably.. Seeing messages like your so pretty or handsome for that matter makes us feel good right? And for those people who have bf's and gf's, what's the deal with that? I love when I read a profile saying how much they love their bf/gf. Oh really? Then why the hell are you on a website where people can message you based off your looks and profile...its all very funny what the internet has become. I can honestly say that I'm guilty of those insecurities and used this website to make myself feel better.. Did it work? I'd say so...but nevertheless I think this website is a tool for people to boost their self esteem or for ones that feel lonely.. nothing wrong with that.. but I find it hysterical in a way... C'mon you know you're guilty. its ok.
end of RANT
Anyone that can keep me interested for more than a minute...I have a pretty short attention span...so if you have my attention thats a pretty good start. I would not like to meet anyone who has fake anything ...especially personality...or people who feel bad for themselves...I would like to meet people who love what they do....or have something that they love to do...its inspiring.. ..i just like observing people..so if im staring at you dont think im weird...you're just interesting...
LED ZEP. COLDPLAY. DMB. weezer. bright eyes.foo fighters. head automatica. muse. postal service.311.Rage Agains the Machine.Jimmy Eat World.Pink floyd.Al Green.Aha.The Cure.The Beatles. Bloc Party. The Clash. The Cranberries.Damien Rice. Deatch Cab for Cutie. David Bowie. Elliot Smith. Fiona Apple. Franz Ferdinand.The Gorillaz.The Hives.Hot Hot Heat. Jack Johnson. Jeff Buckley. Jamiroquai. Keane. The Killers. Kings of Leon. Louis XIV. Pearl Jam.Pinback. Pixies. Queens Of the Stone Age. Radiohead. Ramones. Red hot chilli peppers. Rush. Mars Volta. Modest Mouse. Smashing pumpkins.Spoon. Snow Patrol. Strokes.Sublime.Unicorns.Garden State Soundtrack.

http://www.buddypic.com/profile.php?username=rubes<-- Hes the sheeitt.
more music that i like...
Tom Petty. U2. Velvet Revolver. White Stripes. Zero7.Akron family. The Doors. Tv on the Radio. The Avett Brrothers.

TOOLS. fakeness. the judgemental ones.

When people say the word gyrate./crusty.

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