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Total Votes: 4261 Rating: 6.50
Username: xxLoSerXFreakXDoRkxx
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 29
Gender: Female
State/Region: SC
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Forum Posts: 44201
Signup Date: Friday, November 7, 2003
Last Login: Tuesday, November 21, 2017
this isn't me really any more. kinda.

I have no life. I'm not that great looking. I'm not thin, at all. I could be a lot fatter. I Love being online. I love it when people talk to me. And I love you.
I'm recently addicted to tetris, again.

My livejournal.

Add me to your favorites before you IM me, If you IM me.
Chubby Guys. Treasure trails. Skinny boys with red hair. Chubby girls. Napping.Online. Talking. Nothing. Music. Movies. Internet. Phones. Pictures. Batman. Blankets. Stars. Moons. Black and White. Chapstick. Friends. Popsicles. Eye liner. Rain. Thinking. Taco Bell. Bracelets. Journals.drinking chocolate milk through a bendy straw Letters. Freckles. (brown)Eyes. Darkness. Lips. Dorks. Having fun. Parks. Slippers. Smells of things. Poems. Crackers. Vinyl. Sharpies. Pencils. Bubble Baths. Peaches. Conversations. Names. Laughing until you can't breath. Blowing bubbles. T-shirts. Sitting in the grass. Going to Wal*Mart. Talking late at night on the phone. Baking cookies. Doing nothing at all. Tire swings. Corny Jokes. Wanting CDs. Saying Hello and not Goodbye. Tree houses. Shoes. Staring. Speakers. Post-it Notes. Mirrors. Safty Pins. School. Not caring. Telling stories. Painting my toenails when nobody sees them. Doing hair. Warmth. Pillows. Winnie-the-Pooh. Sleeping on the couch. Blaring music. Screaming. Shop class. Being in ‘love’ with somebody who’s not there. Cheesy romantic things.Dorkism. Loserish Things. Asking Questions. Being special. Changing peoples words around. Random things. Taking Pictures Of Myself. Being A bich. Being Invisible. Having somebody there when you need them. Feeling loved. Doing Math. Towels. Getting mad when there's limits. People talking to me. Honesty. Writing on myself.

Getting BP mails...
Things that smell bad.
Stuck ups.
People that are disrespectful towards other people.
Really bad teeth.
People that are horny all of the time.
PeOpLe WhO tYpE lYk ThIs.
The way bare feet sound on hard floors.
When you have something in your eye.
when people call me a "sif".
Bad hair days.
My cat clawing at me when i dont have pants on.
When people lay in my bed when it's not made.
Guys who ask for naked pictures.
You not talking to me. =P
Overly clingy and obsessive guys.
Private myspaces.
When my cell phone cuts out.
When peopel think lower of somebody else just because they chose to drink/smoke.

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