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Total Votes: 2396 Rating: 7.50
Username: quarterbackman716
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 28
Gender: Male
State/Region: IL
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Forum Posts: 471
Signup Date: Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Last Login: Thursday, September 14, 2017
My name is Eddie, i love to play sports and be active ALL the time, but i tore my ACL twice so i had to stop playing basketball and my favorite sport football...since then ive picked up golf and i've picked up boxing. when im not boxing or playing golf, i spend my spare time coaching football, lifting weights, and listening/recording/producing music and music videos. I LOVE MUSIC!!! Lol. I've been on the production end of music since 2008 and even though its a constant uphill battle, it's also a constant work in progress and things tend to keep getting better and better! I can't wait to see where music takes me in life! I hardly drink, i dont smoke, and I've never done any drugs...i mean thats me in a nut shell...i have 5 tattoos probably going to get more.. = ]
Of course I like basketball, football, boxing, and golfing. I obviously like to stay in shape and workout. I actually just designed a home gym for myself and I have been using that daily! Gotta love not paying those monthly membership fees ;) haha. I enjoy cooking pretty often. One of my favorite things to do is watch movies. I am a huge movie watching guy lol, I watch everything from Horror to Chick Flicks...ALL movies =] I love to travel and go to new places. My favorite place to be is California and I do intend on living there one day in my future. As for a relationship, I'm not really looking to use this website as a dating tool lol BUT I would have to say the 'perfect' girl for me would be somebody who doesn't like to get drunk and act sloppy, doesn't do drugs or smoke cigarettes, and enjoys all the movies that I enjoy lol. OH and be able to watch Revenge every week, Pretty Little Liars every week, and Suits every week!!
I don't liek it when people don't give my music a chance! Check it out right here... www.vibedeck.com/grotesque

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