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Total Votes: 1220 Rating: 6.87
Username: ohmygoshitskate
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 31
Gender: Female
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Forum Posts: 2904
Signup Date: Thursday, September 21, 2006
Last Login: Monday, July 22, 2019
im kate.

i dont trust guys,
they usually just let me down

i hangout with a diverse group of people,
but i know who my true friends are

i love shopping, and the color pink,
but how many girls dont

im usually sarcastic, but trust me,
youll know if i dont like you.

im more then able to hold a serious conversation,
and i know whats going on in the world

i party. alot.

and ill woop your butt in puttputt any day

school; its important to me; and so are my grades,
im going to college & i wont do anything to jeapordize

me&my mom fight al the time,
im the only one who doesnt find it humorous

you get two chances with me; you screw me over
twice and your pretty much done for

i love my friends to death,
and they mean the world to me.

dont tell me im foolish for believing that i can do
anything, becuase i can.
challenge me and youll lose. end of story

but most of all; im a sucker
for anything
having to do with water

i dont care what you, has to say about me.
or my opinions, or who i am as a person.
dont judge be becuase you dont like other girls like me,
or "my type", nothing bothers me more than being stereotyped
without someone getting to know who i am.
dont dislike me for the music i listen to,
or wear i shop, or who im friends with.
i do what i do becuase it makes me happy,
not to be cool or popular, or whatever youre little brain might think.
get to know me.

im a diehard gator fan.
if you dont like that. then i dont like youu.

From: sexystud6961 Regular User (Block User)
To: ohmygoBuddyPicskate
Date: 01-10-2008 02:53 PM
Subject: to be honest...
they = pretty
you = out of this world beautiful

no one compares.. i don't call anyoen beautiful either.. but you, i think my jaw is still on the ground from when i first saw your pic


Rank: #55

thats totally my favorite number.

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