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Total Votes: 565 Rating: 7.13
Username: Tarasoff
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 33
Gender: Female
State/Region: MI
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Forum Posts: 0
Signup Date: Monday, December 22, 2003
Last Login: Wednesday, May 20, 2020
I am a very athletic girl .. that doesn't like guys that cheat/lie i love lowrider extremes and any guy on a crotchrocket is just plain hott lol i play basketball volleyball and softball i think i could say basketball and softball are my favorite

and i like guys that play lacrosse and baseball.. :)

We can cuddle, skin against skin. I'll show you all my favorite horror movies. I'll come up behind you when you're on the computer and give you an upside down kiss. I promise my lips can be soft. And they're always flavored because I love chapstick. I'll give you long, tight hugs so you leave smelling like my Lucky. When I want you closer I'll pull you by your belt hoops. We'll go on walks in Autumn when the skies are gray and the trees have shed their orange and red clothes on the floor. We'll name stars and make love to the city. Kiss the sky, wink at the moon. We'll go on random drives to no where and give birth to an abandoned spot. Fall asleep in the backseat. I'll call you just to say hello, make you laugh if you're feeling bad. I'll fall asleep on your bed so when I leave, your sheets are warm. I'll write you letters and sneak you kisses. I'll come up from behind and wrap my arms around you. We'll play video games and eat tacos. We'll go to shows together and dance to the slower songs backstage. I'll bring you in my room and we'll lie down on the floor and stare at the shadows on my ceiling. We'll watch dumb reality shows on tv just because we love making fun of
*Lowrider extremes
*led zepplin
*kenny chesney
*guys that are taller then me but not to tall
*guys that can play the guitar
*lying and cheating is not an option.

Music i like:

TAKING BACK SUNDAY, Starting line, My Chemical Romance, Dashboard
Fall Out Boy, All american RejectsThe Used, Hawthorne Heights Motion City Sound Track
Story of the year, BRAND NEW, straylight run Linkin Park.Kelly clarkson, tim mcgraw, kenny chesney, toby keith Gretchen wilson

*obsessed drinkers
*lazy people
thats pretty much it i don't dislike alot of things.. just don't lie to me and we'll be good :)

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