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Total Votes: 1286 Rating: 6.87
Username: SweetNovember08
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 31
Gender: Female
State/Region: PA
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Forum Posts: 7462
Signup Date: Sunday, November 7, 2004
Last Login: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
The name's Carly. Learn it. Memorize it. Love it.

--It's All About Me--
[-]I'm 5'7
[-]Hazel/Green Eyes
[-]Light brown hair
[-]100% ITALIAN
[-]I do have a boyfriend. Sorry, fellas!
[-]I am a cheerleader
[-]I am a dancer
[-]I'm very spontaneous
[-]I am quick-tempered
[-]I can be sarcastic at times
[-]I love making new friends

---->If you add me to MYSPACE I will love you forever<----

Oh yeah, BP me. Why? Because I said so.

Originally posted by VonDutchThis
holissurfer247: ohhh carly. she is nautral beauty.
holissurfer247: lol like jess
y0 Shut Up Bit: Carly has a very seductive look on her face
y0 Shut Up Bit: I like it..kinda hot
y0 Shut Up Bit: AND she's a gymnast!
holissurfer247: i like her :] she is great. yeah she does have some mystery to her. lol FLEXIBLE
holissurfer247: NICE NICE
y0 Shut Up Bit: Dashboard Confessional & Senses Fail...very nice
y0 Shut Up Bit: She likes baseball...let's hope it's my Diamondbacks :-)
holissurfer247: good taste in music. lol none of that ashlee simpson poo.
holissurfer247: it's about the sox and the cubbies douche.

Originally posted by SouthbayBallaz
ur next post is going to be sexy ;)


[<3]Three Days Grace
[<3]Breaking Benjamin
[<3]Sick Puppies
[<3]Keith Urban
[<3]Brad Paisley
[<3]Christina Aguilera
[<3]Lil' Wayne
[<3]Senses Fail


[<3]Blue Eyes
[<3]Good Sense Of Humor
[<3]Toned Body
[<3]Know How To Treat His Girl
--Turn Offs--
[x]PeOpLe DaT TyPe LyKe DiS... WTF are you trying to prove?
[x]Bad Spellers
[x]Any girls that have a low slef-esteem and ask people on here if they're ugly. Girls, you're all beautiful no matter what anyone says about you.
[x]People who simply cannot take care of themselves period.

&&Stop Asking Me For "Special" Pictures. You Will NOT See Me Naked.

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