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Total Votes: 433 Rating: 7.31
Username: Mrfunkychild2
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 28
Gender: Male
State/Region: IN
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Forum Posts: 175
Signup Date: Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Last Login: Saturday, September 9, 2017
Hey I'm Spenser. I'm 25 years old 6' tall and 175 pounds.
I skateboard and have been for 14 years now. I'm really laid back and usually can get along with anyone.. I love hip hop! I'm a huge Eminem fan. I write graffiti... Im a nice guy, but very blunt. i'm a joker, life is to dull to be serious all the time.. I have no tats or peircings, I want one very soon. I have a very good one in mind. My nick name is Stewart for absolutely no reason besides my buddy forgot my asctual name, and thus stewart was born. I can be a nerd. I've even been known to play an old Pokemon game when Im bored. I do play Xbox sometimes but I usually prefer to be outside skating. I write left hamded, but throw right handed. I think everyone should be their own person, and be unique. I think originally is best trait. Loyalty is a huge factor in my friendships and respect is always demanded from me. I grew up with a single mom and three sisters. So i respect women and i do have a sensitive side, I like audio books!. Sherlock Holmes is fantastic! I an Indiana boy. And I love the Pacers. Don't smoke pot. Drink socially. . Well other than those points I guess you will have to ask.
BETTER CALL SAUL!! Love that show!!
Hip Hop. EMINEM. HOPSIN. BIGGIE. BIG L. K-Flay Mostly 90's .
Skateboarding. REAL skateboards. Independent trucks. Bones wheels. Shorty's hardware. Bones swiss bearings. Jessup grip tape.
Lemons. Mangos. Peaches. Strawberries. Most fruit. Organic is best. Vanilla. Oh I love it. Smell taste.
Graffiti. Zephyr. Skuf. JA one. Lee. ESPO. MUL.
Stop motion art.
ALMOST anything creative and unique
Sherlock Holmes.
I'm a Shoe guy! Nike's Skate shoes. Es. Emerica. Hufs Fresh socks.
Trying new things esp new food. Mexican food. Indian.
Just about all sour candy.
Directors. Guy Ritchie Steven Soderburgh Quintin Tarantino
Actors. lRobert Downey Jr. Matt Damon Georgy Clooney
Tom Hardy Brad Pitt James Franco Seth Rogen Kevin Spacey. Johnny Depp. Timothy Olyphant. Bob Odenkirk.
Actresses. Kira Knightly. Millia Jovovich. My girls.
House of Cards
Drunk History
The Wire.
Breaking Bad.
Free movie sites like project free(dot)TV
History channel
Ancient aliens.
The Ancient Astronaut Theory.
The Science channel.
Women with a sense of humor!! Big time.
Working outside.
Stand up Comedy
Daniel tosh. Key and Peele. Dave Chappele. Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock. Mike Birbiglia.
GBA on my phone. Golden Sun. Sometimes pokemon.
Racist people. Or prejudice people. Who cares if it isn't your life. It won't effect you. Jerry springer and most daytime tv.
Miami heat.
The Rockefellers
The Rothschilds.
The DuPonts. Well aok of the thirteen bluebloods of America.The 1% wealth. So called, ("Job creators") aka. Skull and bones, Freemasons. Illuminati. Those m'kayers.
all reality TV. Duck hunters losers and jerseys whores all that scripted drama.
being fake and talking to people i dont like because i have to.
dane cook, Carlos mencia. (Ned Holness) they steal jokes.
Swallowing my pride to avoid trouble.
Police... Most of them have a power trip.
advertisements, billboards, .... m'kayers
how people are so stupid they just conform to the normal and don't have a personality of their own.
Religion. Its obvious they contradict actual proven facts. And I believe they hold us back as a species. You can learn great things from them but I don't believe what someone wrote is fact. I believe it was based on fact but was miscontruded along the way. But that's a whole another story.
This is my opinion. Don't freak out on me for it. I have a right to believe in or not believe in whatever I want. Just like you have the right to believe in those stories. To each his own.
There are more things I don't like I'm sure. I just don't wanna type anymore. Haha

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