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Total Votes: 411 Rating: 7.28
Username: LusisNaturae
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 30
Gender: Male
State/Region: TX
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Forum Posts: 1252
Signup Date: Sunday, November 23, 2003
Last Login: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
..... I'm an easy goin guy, just like to get out and have fun as much as I possibly can. Partying is fun, but sometimes it's just cool to hang out one on one or a small group, just chillin'. I also work as a lifeguard at the indoor pool in my city.
..... My eyebrow and tongue are currently pierced. Maybe I'll get my labret done... and definately my cartlidge. :-D
..... I'm a SENIOR at ALLEN HIGH SCHOOL! I used to swim, but not anymore. I graduate early in December and I'll start college at UTD in the spring of 06! Woo!
~~~ *****Website***** ~~~
... http://www.joshyewuhh.net
~~~ ******Xanga****** ~~~
... http://www.xanga.com/lusisnaturae
~~~ *****MySpace***** ~~~
... http://www.myspace.com/lusisnaturae

..... My xanga is awesome. I update it all the time - check it out and leave comments!
..... People that are down to earth and love to just chill are awesome, and you have just GOT to know how to laugh, let loose, and have a good time, with me AND my friends. I'd hafta also say that good looks are a HUGE plus. Call me shallow, I wouldn't say just that, though. I'm a big movie goer, so you gotta like movies. And games. And icecream. Mmmmmmmm... If you want me to read your BP mails and rate you back, put whether you're a guy or a girl in the subject liner. And just so you know... when i say "rate you back," its practically a surefire 10. Kthx. :)
..... MMMHMMM is my best friend, ever... evar.
..... And everybody else, of course.
..... Shoutouts to psychoskurg, dtownbballer, and swimminaggie!
..... People out for sex all the time suck. Come on, there's more to life than that. X.x. Just... don't be a loser, ever... EVAR. And then you're good. :-D


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