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Total Votes: 3600 Rating: 7.58
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 36
Gender: Male
State/Region: MN
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Forum Posts: 2
Signup Date: Wednesday, August 18, 2004
Last Login: Thursday, January 6, 2022
I'm basically an extremely nice guy. I'm fun loving. I like to party and have a good time, but not do extremely stupid things. I like to swim, do water sports (skiing, tubing, bare footing, boarding) playing soccer, waterpolo, handball, and baseball. Going camping and rock climbing. And going to clubs and dancing. My hobbies include: Movies, Music, And TV. Playing On The Computer. Meeting People. Making Money. Hanging out with friends and going places. Oh also I�m a Hopeless Romantic�to some extent, I really would like to find that one special girl. I plan to go into film (Directing, Acting, Screenwriting) when I am done with college.

If you want to talk or maybe chill sometime give me a BP or IM (Especially if you live in the Midwest but anywhere in the U.S. is fine). I don't know what else to say so if you want to know more about me and/or see more pics-or-clearer versions of the ones here on Buddy Pic, send me a BP or IM.

If you BP Me, I will get back to you, It will just take me a little while, sorry about that.

Woopi, I finally got a saluted pic. Sorry its kindof hard to see, but if you have any doubt, just IM me.

Sidenote, I didn't want to say this, because if you want to add me to your favorites that�s up to you, but if you add me it will help me be able to remember and get back to people faster. So if you want to add me, please do. However, if you don't that�s cool too, since my own favorites list was maxed out at one point, and now I use it sparingly.
I like girls that let me make them happy. (No that doesn�t mean I'll do anything for a girl but when I like someone a lot I usually want too)

Girls that are hot, pretty, or cute, but on the same note, because in the end looks don't matter, if you have a great personality that�s even better. Girls that have morals (Partying and doing stupid stuff is fun and I don't mean you have to be an angel or anything like that, although if you are that�s awesome, however, I hate girls who party and screw around all the time, and that is all they do, and don't think about the consequences at all.) Girls that are nice, decent, smart, intelligent, sweet, and fun are always good qualities.

People who don�t mind doing something dorky, if it means having fun. People who are caring and try to make others feel better. People who are friendly, open, exciting, entertaining, outgoing and can be trusted and are honest.

However, overall I would have to say the top qualities for a person to have, is to be outgoing, trustworthy, honest, nice, and have common sense.

(Originally I got on this site and others like it, because I thought it would be interesting and fun, but after awhile I realized that it was a much easier way to meet people, then clubbing and partying every night, especially considering I don�t really have the time for that anymore. Plus the girls on here tend to be nicer and have much better personalities. So if you wanna chat that�s why I�m more then happy to talk to you)
I dislike girls who are jerky, nasty, mean, cold, and/or uptight. Girls that either expect too little and let a guy walk all over them, or expect too much and drives the guy crazy. Girls that have no personality or have too much personality and think that they are better then everyone else.

People who smoke, do drugs, and drink excessively. People who care about themselves and no one else. People who are negative and don�t live life to the fullest (I don't mean do stupid stuff per-se that could get you hurt, but I hate people who don't take risks or chances, because they think it might make them look silly, dorky, or unpopular to others).

(I like to have fun and act really weird, crazy, goofy, and dorky sometimes but I also know that you can't always be like that so I also like to be serious and act really orderly, cool, controlled, and stale; so I usually combine the two worlds unless the occasion calls for one or the other.)

Hopefully everything made sense to you, and if your reading this, I'm amazed you actually read all of that, but if you did you�re awesome, and you should defiantly IM me sometime. (Note: I tend to be online on weekends and from 9-12 at night, more then at any other time during the week, and I rarely check my Buddylists to see who�s on, because I'm so busy with other stuff. So if you see me on defiantly say something. If I don't respond right away, I do apologize, I'm probably away from the computer, so just try again later) Thanks for reading.

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