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Total Votes: 1579 Rating: 7.82
Username: Buff005
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Colorado Springs
State/Region: CO
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Forum Posts: 0
Signup Date: Friday, August 6, 2004
Last Login: Saturday, October 31, 2020
My name is Aaron, everyone knows me as Buff... but my closest friends call me AB.... Im 5' 11'' w/ blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, well right now i have no hair cause im rockin it buzz style for my pops! I love to play sports... take chances... have perfectly legal fun (some of the time- ha)... chill with the boys... just have a good time and live for the moment and not give a poo what anyone thinks... Gotta live life for the moment, day by day! I try and go to the gym 3-4 times a week to stay in shape... dont really have a reason too but just to stay healthy, and satisfy the ladies! ;-) haha... even though lately ive been slackin cause i have a full time job and im a full time student... but i pretty much just go with whatever life throws my way and make the best of it! i have had a pretty rocky past year but im not complainin... gotta love it... Soldiers 4 Life! ... other than that I just love life! so if your lookin for a good time hit me up!!!
Turn ons: Beautiful Eyes. Skirts!!! (Unless you shouldnt be wearing them) & I love when a girl kisses my ear!
Likes: I love to work out and run just to run! I like when a girl takes good care of her body too, but not all muscualar and stuff like 6-pac status, thats my job! I love the outdoors! I love going to parties with the boys... but then i have the soft side side where I love to just cuddle with a girl and watch a movie or just to fall asleep together. I love sports and just chillin with friends. I love life!!!
Turn offs: Bad Breath! No Common Sense! Smoking! Drama Queen! Too much make up, the natural look is much sexier!
Dislikes: People who are shady, who act different when other people are around, just be yourself! I dont like when people put others down just to laugh or to make themselves feel better. I dont like liars or cheaters! & I dont like fake people. (Also the haters that give other people 1's on this site)

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