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Total Votes: 4728 Rating: 5.20
Username: BigBadVoodoo
Online Status: Currently Offline
Age: 37
Gender: Male
H-ville or Lklnd
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Forum Posts: 33587
Signup Date: Saturday, October 25, 2003
Last Login: Friday, March 11, 2011

-Alumni of [University of Alabama Huntsville]
-Working as an Arms dealer for the government, no really.

I'm a pretty cool guy. I like to go out and do things. Movies, mall, whatever. I like sports; running, soccer, racquetball, and sand pit volleyball. I can be a total goof and tons of fun, but I still have a serious reserved side. Movies should be comical, action, or at least have a good story line. I enjoy the company of a nice lady, but I can't afford to be a player, I'll promise that much.

Yes, I am a mod, so please remember that if you BP me.
I'd like her to be semi-cute. There's more to someone than looks, this I know, but lets face it, often they are how you start talking to someone. If you think I am shallow for my honesty on the matter, I suggest you poke yourself in the eye, since you don't know me. I don't mind girls with baggage. I have my problems too. I'm not intending to use this as a dating service. So I suggest you keep that in mind. I'd like some people to talk to when I am online because it can be quite boring. So I guess I like the usual, sweet-funny-kind-yada yada.
Similar interests are a plus. I am like peter pan- being that I will never not have a good time. (Not the fairy part. )I figure if you can't have fun and enjoy yourself, you aren't doing something right. And no I'm not listing my interests, these are things you find over time from someone. I don't want you to know all about me with out talking to me. No fun in that!

I love Katie the mostest.
Reconsider BPing if
-You smoke.
-And if you don't want to try and understand my ways then we might have some problems.
-Oh, and i'm tired of reading in girls profiles, "im 5'1 and I know im short hehe."
I know that, there's no reason to call attention to it.
-If you don't think you are beautiful, neither will I.
-Remember I'm 22. I wont have much interest if you havn't finished high school yet.
-You didn't take the time to fill out your own profile, or y0Ur pR0fiLE Lo0ks lYk DiZ.

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