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Dacula58 | Age: 30 | Sex: Male
My name is Chris. I'm 22 years old, and live in northeast Atlanta. I'm currently attending Georgia Tech, which consumes most of my time, and when I'm not at school, ...
lonelymusician | Age: 31 | Sex: Male
VW [URL=http://img.photobucket.c...
NeVaEvAqUiT21 | Age: 30 | Sex: Male
nobassnolove | Age: 29 | Sex: Male
Van6969 | Age: 27 | Sex: Male
Soccer UNC 2013 Man, every time i check this, I realize how long I've been a member; and still have never posted a salute....
DayDreaMinFazed | Age: 28 | Sex: Male
Well im 22...and im like 5' 7" with brown hair and brownish greenish eyes( hazel w/e ), and i have my ear pierced... i also have a tattoo of a guardian angel on my rib cage... i listen to rap and r&b....
ganstaj | Age: 30 | Sex: Male
i'm actually 20 oh, and i don't give a **** what you rate me. obviously...
BlackLabelBoarder | Age: 30 | Sex: Male
Asko54 | Age: 34 | Sex: Male
Chrisx2oo5x | Age: 29 | Sex: Male
Hey, my name is Chris. I am 18 and a senior in high school. I play baseball and basketball, so I am pretty athletic. Lets see, I'm a tad under 6' and about 180 pounds. You can see what ...