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ImxNotxUrxSkank | Age: 29 | Sex: Female
My name is S. S K Y E. M. (9/8/92) I'm 5'0 ( I know I'm short ) I love ...
abbyroads | Age: 27 | Sex: Female
Hey BP people Abby...yes, thanks to the parents, I am a big Beatles fan. Just turned 19 the day after Christmas, yes presents 2 days in a row i'm a shortie..5'4" Just fini...
whatyathink585 | Age: 26 | Sex: Female
Im fun and adventurus. Also, I have more pics for the right person... beach, some guys, haters, i’m really new to this whole thing. just here to meet some new people. i would call myself bi curius,...
XxSwEeTPeAxX | Age: 32 | Sex: Female
This site is deeeead. and my username is horrible. I was like... 12. ...
xSiNgXsWiMx | Age: 30 | Sex: Female
I'm Lindsay. I love my friends. I'm kind of profane. I read anything and everything, but I love Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand is my favorite author. I like video games, and I love music. "Twenty...
cntxdscribeyou | Age: 30 | Sex: Female
I am single. I have an amazing family. I love listening to music and playing it. I am outgoing and really random. I love m...
tartanwrestler | Age: 30 | Sex: Female
I'm god free I have tattoos I have piercings I have a split tongue Most of you are not my type [url=http://www...
GirlRocker97 | Age: 28 | Sex: Female
Hi there!...
funnygurl | Age: 31 | Sex: Female
MyInnocence | Age: 32 | Sex: Female