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Picture Username/Description Rating
SmilesFallDown | Age: 27 | Sex: f
Name's Sarah....
KrAzIiLyLkEeNa | Age: 28 | Sex: f
hey my name is Kristina I'm 25 my birthday is January 12thโ™‘ I'm a senior at Our Lady of Holy Cross College I'm 5'8 have long reddish brown and my e...
KelMarie928 | Age: 29 | Sex: f
I'm Kelly, I'm sort of nice. catch me on my good days :D btw;; 21, not 23. (Sing to me on September 28th) I have a Scottish terrier/Lab mix, Samson. (Or Goobz if you will) and a six foot Re...
cheerupbuttercup | Age: 28 | Sex: f
I'm Katelyn. I laugh a lot. I try and make the best out of any given situation. I have an amazing boyfriend, Johnny, whose been there for me through so muc...
tjmoon8 | Age: 28 | Sex: f
Im Tonya I'm 20 :) I don't work at Hollister anymore. I work through a company called Wayne ARC. I work in a residential house for Developmentally disabled adults and I love it. Im pretty easy goi...
devilsflame162000 | Age: 27 | Sex: f
Baha. Ok Nostalgia. Heyyyy Buddypic ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ...
hippiequeen6107 | Age: 29 | Sex: f
I'm not what you think, no one ever is. The only way to know me, is to talk to me. No amount of words on a page can describe the true me. So if you want to know more about me, hit me u...
Glcheerleader09 | Age: 28 | Sex: f
emerlyemma | Age: 28 | Sex: f
I exist. As should you....
xxsouthern | Age: 28 | Sex: f
my names Michelle. This picture is 2 years old. I don't care enough to change it....

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